BMC 6.0 to conquer Krakow!

We started ByteMyCode (BMC) in 2017 with the offline conference integrating the tech community in Wroclaw, but from the beginning it was about more than just one city. In 2020 the pandemic made us virtual, virtual made us global, and we doubled in size. What a story!

60 hours of lectures and workshops. 40 fantastic speakers and the hottest tech topics. 1829 attendees from 529 companies. That’s five years of the ByteMyCode conference powered by UBS in a nutshell.
This year we’re back offline – during the event in Krakow we will cover topics like Architecture, Java tch stack, Quarkus Cloud solutions and many more! Join the event that will feature keynotes, technical sessions and participation in a live Q&A with the amazing experts from all over the world.

Fellow developers, architects, testers, devops engineers and all tech enthusiasts – 27 October 2022, Manggha, Krakow – join for a dose of learning and networking!


The conference is powered by UBS.

Technology and digital culture are at the heart of UBS - the systems, services and infrastructure we create run through every single aspect of what we do. As a team of thousands of technology professionals, we have a critical role to play in keeping the company competitive in a digitalized world. And with thousands of applications running across its global businesses, we know that one of the next big steps in their evolution is not just accelerating their digital transformation, but to use greener development principles as an integral part of their approach going forward.


All income from the BMC tickets goes to the Hearty Foundation. They focus on educating young people and developing competences of the future. The Foundation connects kids and teens from child care homes, small towns or students with disabilities with mentors from the business world, who support their growth, share knowledge and skills. If you want to read more about their activities, click here.